Happy 4th of July!! / God’s Fireflies

Happy 4th of July!!

We got to switch our p-day to today!! I think Sister Luk was a little less-than-excited about a whole holiday to celebrate America, but it’s been a GREAT introduction to the 4th of July — the zone leaders texted us to tell us to come to their ward’s breakfast party this morning, then we went to the Fourth Ward’s bishop’s house for a big shindig in the afternoon, and then one of our ward members had us over for a party this evening.  It’s been a super fun day! 🙂

Sister Luk hates bugs, but I think she’s developed at least an interest in fireflies.  🙂 She got a bottle to put some in — I told her she needed to poke holes so they could breathe — and then I had to catch some fireflies for her bottle.  

“You can’t kill them, though.” I told her.

“I’m not going to kill them. I’m just going to keep them,” she said.

“For how long?”

“Until they die.”

“Sister Luk! If you keep them in that little bottle with no food until they die, I think you’re killing them!!”

She suddenly looked a little concerned — “Do you think they eat rice?” 

The white handbook says that we are not allowed to keep pets of any kind.  We were not strictly within the handbook guidelines for a few days.  But don’t worry, we finally let Beebee and Doodoo go free (yes, Sister Luk named them).

Monday evening our scheduled appointment fell through.  We thought we’d stop by a part-member family I’d never met, and a lady we’d been visiting who we hadn’t been able to reach all week.  We stopped by the part-member family first.  No answer.  And there didn’t really seem to be much for us to do in that neighborhood, except that there was a cute chalkboard that caught my eye on the cub across the street — someone had set out some “free” items — a bookshelf, a little desk, and this super cute chalkboard which I thought would be great in our apartment — we could put our weekly goals on it!  So then we stopped by this lady, and she was actually home! We found out some of the things that had been going on that had kind of been keeping her from answering us.  We told her we’d love to help her.  “You know what would really help,” she said, “and I feel kind of funny asking this, but I really need a bookshelf. And a desk.”  We told her we’d be right back! Thankfully, the bookshelf and desk were still on that curbside, and we were able to fit them in our car and drive back to the lady’s house.  They were perfect!  “You know,” told us, “I was thinking, you guys are like God’s fireflies.  You go out and bring light to the world.” God’s fireflies.  I like that. 🙂

A few highlights from this week: a family in our ward had us over for dinner and invited a Chinese family! Yay!! And after dinner they had us all go play kickball in the yard.  The Chinese family thought that was really a hoot.  🙂  We had a couple really great lessons with our most progressing investigator.  In one lesson, we talked a little about our Heavenly Father’s plan for our salvation and read some scriptures about how we need to have faith and repent and be baptized to someday obtain eternal life.  In one of the best moments in the life of a missionary, this investigator looked up and, in complete sincerity, asked, “How do I repent?”  THAT is probably the most rewarding teaching moment I could hope for.  Another notable moment this week came when we stopped by a guy we’d seen a few times before, just at his door.  It was always a bad time, but he kept saying we could come back.  I didn’t really think he was that interested in talking to us, but when we went over he came over to meet us and said he’d been wondering when we’d come by again.  “I looked at your website, and I’ve been reading your blog.” WHAT?! That took a couple seconds to register.  I’d known Melia has been posting my emails to a blog — sisterwinters.blogspot.com.  I had hoped the blog could maybe be an extension of my missionary work in some way.  I just was not expecting to hear that someone had actually googled “Sister Winters Latter-day Saint” after we’d handed him a pass-along card, and had been reading my blog! So he’s probably going to read this — haha!! 😀

One of the most significant things that happened this week was that the Forbes went home, and we got to meet our new mission President and his wife: the Barneys!! They had a “meet-the-president” on Saturday and they told us all about themselves.  They’re a super cute, grandparent-type couple.  Super smiley and loving.  That evening we had dinner scheduled with the Thomases.  We had a couple of investigators coming.  President Thomas, who is in the mission presidency, texted us to let us know that the Barneys would also be coming to dinner.  We figured we should maybe try and plan a good lesson. It actually turned out pretty great.  Sister Thomas said that when we left, President Barney said we were really good missionaries, and Sister Thomas told him we are a great team.  😉 (Hopefully now neither of us will get transferred!)

Quote of the week: When I travel to Rochester, I always go to Flapdoodles, and while I’m there I bop into the world renowned medical facility for my annual physical.  We went to Flapdoodles for Sister Luk’s year mark on Thursday, and we’re heading there again to celebrate with the other Rochester missionaries!



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