Our Life Is So Perfect :)

It seems like this was a pretty short week with the p-day swap.  Probably the most notable thing that happened this week was that we had interviews with President Barney.  It’s interesting to see how he does things a little different from President Forbes.  It was a really neat experience.  We had an opening prayer and knelt together for a closing prayer.  I definitely felt the Spirit.  

Have you seen the new Ask of God video?  Well, it’s not that new–it came out a few months ago, but it’s a newer video depiction of Joseph Smith’s first vision and it’s a little different because it draws upon some of the accounts of that event that a lot of us are less familiar with. One thing that I really like from this video is that it includes some of the things Jesus Christ said to Joseph Smith.  Another thing that I like is, as the vision has just ended, Joseph stands, and his voice in narration says, “I was filled with love.”  I’ve thought about that line this week.  Galatians 5:22-23 talks about the “fruit of the Spirit” and mentions love, joy, peace, among other things.  I’ve noticed a few times after an experience which did help me feel the Spirit and feel my Heavenly Father’s love, such as an interview with the mission president or a session in the temple, I do come out feeling happy and, well, more full of love for the people around me.  I think that’s pretty neat.  I like that phrase, “full of love,” and my experience has shown me that experiences which bring us closer to the Spirit can help us feel more “full of love.” 

Speaking of love, I LOVE this ward!  It’s so great!  We were invited to teach the Young Women on Wednesday night about teaching, which was fun.  The primary classes must have had lessons on missionary work yesterday, because we were invited to come talk to the four-year-olds about preparing to be a missionary, and another little class all drew us pictures! So cute!

Our ward mission leader is out of town for a few months, so we had a new assistant ward mission leader called.  Brother Pettita is great! He and his wife are only here for the summer.  They had us over for dinner in their super tiny apartment and after we left, an investigator texted and asked if we could meet–we knew he’d probably appreciate meeting a new friend, so we went back and asked the Pettitas if they wanted to come, and they did! So we had a great lesson with him and they were able to give him a ride to church yesterday.

We have great things going on here! One of the people we’re most excited about comes to church faithfully every week. Yesterday Sister Luk and I taught Sunday School, and, since we knew he’d be there, we planned to teach about the Word of Wisdom — commandments that relate to our physical health including eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, and harmful or addictive drugs.  This particular individual hadn’t been taught about that yet, but the class went super well, and he even made a comment about how he notices people drink coffee and tea when they are really tired and their body is probably trying to signal that they need more sleep.  He added that he doesn’t drink coffee or tea.  We know he has been thinking about being baptized, and he would need to be living the Word of Wisdom to be baptized.  After that class, we figure he is basically set . . . Unless he has a secret Law of Chastity problem we don’t know about — we’ll have to bring that up. 🙂  He is so awesome!!

Well, that’s about what I have to say for this week! Time is going by so fast! Our ward feeds us pretty much every day (“so yum!” – Sister Luk), Sister Luk had her first experience picking blackberries and using a lawn mower this week (“so fun!”), and we get to see fireflies pretty much every night!  And share the gospel of Jesus Christ every day.  President Forbes pointed out once that there are two groups of people whose lives are dedicated to the gospel full-time: the General Authorities and the missionaries!! It’s pretty cool to be in that category right now. 🙂 As Sister Luk says, “Our life is so perfect!” 

Love you! Have a great week!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANS AND SARIANNE!!!!  



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